What You Need to Know About Fall Protection


Fall protection is all about ensuring that you land softly in the event of a fall. It has been reported that falls are the leading causes of deaths at the workplace and that these fatalities could have been easily prevented. Most falls do occur in the construction industry, however, they aren’t limited to such industries only.

In general, there are thousands of reports every year from companies in different industries reporting a fatal accident an employee has suffered from during a fall. Some of the places where employees fall from include through openings in walls, floors, platforms, through roofs, scaffolds, and ladders. According to OSHA, these incidents are preventable and could have been avoided if the company used basic safeguards including guardrails, fall arrest equipment, and safety harnesses.

Fall training is an essential part of preventing injuries that occur as a result of falls in the companies. Given that an estimated 13,000 deaths every year occur as a result of falls and 68,000 fall-related injuries are treated each year, it is mandatory that the industry guidelines are put in place to prevent costs that would be incurred if these accidents occur.

Prevention is key to any fall protection program and your company should be looking to put in place methods that help prevent falls in the first place. This can only be done by implementing the right infrastructure and training your employees about these safety precautions. Although OSHA by itself provides very little training for these programs, you have to find a company that will help your employees get proper training.

Companies that offer certificates for protection against falls usually have a course outline that encompasses many aspects including the potential hazards and prevention strategies that include mezzanine safety gate. This protection training is designed in a matter that helps your employees get the most out of the training to prevent accidents. It advises on many things including equipment and dressing to the workplace depending on the field of operation.

It is important that employees know and address the need for implementing safety mechanisms that are required. You need to have specific rules in place and clear guidelines that make it possible for your employees to follow the set requirements. Even better, you can choose to go beyond the available guidelines and ensure there is better protection against falls. Training your employees is the most effective method you can avoid falls hence you need to place mechanisms such as loading dock gate to ensure that they enjoy this full training.


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